Our biggest and most special target fish

They are all beautiful but some stick out

We are proud of all our fish. Some however are somewhat special. Introducing our most sought after target fish!

Red Tail (Mirror Lake)

One of the biggest Mirror's in Mirror Lake. Weighing in at 68 Lbs!

The Massive Two Tone (Mirror Lake)

This Mirror has some extraordinary features like its big eyes. The Massive Two Tone weighs in close to 61 Lbs.

The Big Common (Mirror Lake)

This majestic common is well over one meter tall and weighs in close to 61 Lbs.

The Tall Grass (Mirror Lake)

This beast of a Grass Carp weighs in at 46 Lbs

The General (Mirror Lake)

Or biggest and most beautiful Koi weighs in at 35 Lbs and is truly something special.

The Sturgeon (Mirror Lake)

The one and only Sturgeon we have. A rare and special 24 Lbs catch if you can outsmart him.

The Illusive 50 (Mirror Image)

The biggest Common swimming around on Mirror Image. This beauty weighs in over 50 Lbs

Miles (Mirror Image)

Miles is one of the bigger 40+ Mirrors roaming Mirror Image. Miles tips the scale at 48 Lbs.