Mirror Image

Our smaller lake but yet..

Our lakes are set in picturesque, tranquil countryside, surrounded by woodland and fields. No noisy motorways or buzzing electricity pylons here - just peace and quiet. A lane separates Mirror Lake from Mirror Image.

The lakes are surrounded by natural features like overhanging trees, bushes, reeds and Lilly's and are not only coming to live through the big Carp and Catfish they contain, but you can also expect to see deer, lizards, frogs, bats and many species of birds such as amazing Buzzards and Kites circling high in the sky above. You might also be lucky enough to see our sparkling blue Kingfishers. All this wildlife makes both our lakes a true Carp anglers Paradise.

Mirror Image is 3.2 acres and depths on the lake vary from 2 feet in the shallows to 7 feet at the deepest point. The lake is surrounded by natural features like overhanging trees, bushes, reeds and Lilly's. Mirror Image has over 250 fish, of which many are 20+ and 30+ Carp. The lake also contains a few Carp up to and above 40Lbs and an illusive 50+.

Fishing at Mirror Image France includes;

  • Exclusive use of the lake for just you and your party (3 swims including two doubles). Maximum 5 anglers.
  • Non-stop fishing 24/7 including nights. 
  • Shower, toilets and hand basins in purpose built cabin.
  • 2 small Rowing Boats.
  • 5 bivvies and 5 bed chairs.
  • 5 Carp cradles and 3 weigh slings.
  • 3 Tripods for weighing.
  • Ample parking spaces.

Mirror Image is perfect for the smaller fishing party, someone wanting to fish the lake just themselves or maybe a group of friends who just want to catch lots of fish, up to 2898 lbs of carp in a week! What a lovely place to bring the wife or girlfriend. Perhaps a bonding Dad with lads' week? Whatever you want from your fishing holiday, it is here for you to enjoy!



Lodge swim

Lodge swim is situated at the shallowest part of the lake. Lodge swim can easily accommodate two anglers with 3 rods each. The swim also contains two bivvies. Water depths here vary from 2 to 4 feet.

Little koi swim

This is the swim opposite to the entrance of the lake. Little Koi swim can easily accommodate two anglers with 3 rods each. The swim also contains two bivvies. You can reach most parts of the lake from here. Little Koi Swim allows you to fish spots ranging from 4 to 5 feet deep.

Monk swim

Monk swim is at the deepest part of the lake. Depths here are up to 7 feet deep. Monk swim gets its name from the Monk nearby that is used to drain the lake.

Eating area

Staying outdoors and carp fishing can make you hungry. That is why we setup this purpose built dining area for you to use. You can eat your own prepared meals or let us prepare them for you (additional costs). If you want to eat on your swim in the bivvy that's fine too! It's your session you decide!

Shower and toilets

The separate shower and toilet facility houses a sink with running hot water, a shower with running hot water, a mirror, power outlets to charge phones, laptops etc, a fridge / freezer and a toilet.